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Blockchain Program

Members area will get to learn various blockchain modules

1. Module 1: Introduction
o Money and currency
o Digital currencies explained
o History of Bitcoin

2. Module 2: The Blockchain
o 101 of a blockchain
o How are transactions stored on a blockchain
o What Bitcoin mining is
o Permissioned and permissionless blockchains

3. Module 3: Using Bitcoin
o Where and how to get bitcoins
o How to store bitcoins in a wallet
o How to send and receive bitcoins
o How to trade bitcoins on on-line exchanges
o Bitcoin pricing and volatility

4. Module 4: Bitcoin Security
o Security issues and the pseudo-anonymity of Bitcoin
o Security measures such as multi-signature transactions
o Backing up and restoring wallets

5. Module 5: Bitcoin Scalability, Risks and Limitations
o Transaction volumes and block sizes
o Block propagation speed
o Proof of Work efficiencies
o Mining pools and centralisation
o Mining rewards and incentivisation
o Bitcoin scaling proposals

6. Module 6: Use Cases and Opportunities
o Payment rails
o Immutable ledger
o Coloured coins and digital asset ownership
o Time-stamped records
o Proof of ownership
o Micro-transactions

7. Module 7: Merchant Acceptance
o How to integrate Bitcoin as a payment method
o Benefits of using Bitcoin as a payment method
o Payment processing companies
o Verification of transactions on the blockchain
o Successful case studies
8. Module 8: Bitcoin Compliance and Regulation
o Bitcoin compliance

9. Module 9: The Future of Blockchain
o Bitcoin for remittances in emerging economies
o Digital currencies and financial institutions
o Digital currencies and innovation
o The value of Bitcoin and the blockchain as a technology
o Alternatives to Bitcoin and the Bitcoin blockchain