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Trading Fundamentals

Members area will learn the true fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading to make good informed decisions when trading plus our live examples in London from our Cryptopro experts

Unit 1: Research and Fundamentals
• What to look for in a coin?
• How to research currencies for on a fundamental level
• How to identify social media and trends for good positions.
• How to dissect a whitepaper and its technology.
• Where to find good quality information and websites that would best help do the research.

Unit 2: Technical Analysis
• How to identify breakout and breakdown patterns.
• How determine entry and exit points
• How use moving averages for price movements.
• What programs to use and how to use specific features.

Unit 3: Portfolio Management
• How to manage risk and reward.
• How to determine portfolio sizing.
• Long term buy and hold strategies
• Short term strategies including swing trading and position trading.

Unit 4: Case Studies
• Examining case studies of past trades and how to best learn from them.
• Reflection on cryptocurrency moving forward